(STIBA.ac.id) Jakarta – Alfabean Mahdani, a fifth-semester student at STIBA Makassar who also serves as the Chairman of the Student Executive Board (Dema) of STIBA Makassar, successfully secured the second position in the World Arabic Language Month Competition.

The event was organized by Majma’ Al Malik Salman lil ‘Alami Li Al-Lughah Al-‘Arabiyyah in collaboration with Ittihad Mudarrisi Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyyah (IMLA) at the National level in Indonesia.

The event was held to promote appreciation for Arab culture, support cross-cultural understanding, and stimulate interest in learning the Arabic language among students.

The competition officially started on January 16, 2024, and successfully conducted various categories of competition, namely Al-Ilqa, Al-Sard wa Al-Riwayah, and Al-Khat Al-‘Araby. This event was attended by 260 participants from 84 universities across Indonesia.

Alfabean had the opportunity to participate in the Al-Ilqa category in the Qiro’atu Syi’ir al ‘Arabi competition. This branch was joined by 80 participants and held at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

In his impressive performance, Alfabean caught the attention of the judges by reciting a poem entitled “غدا يوم فصل للفريقين فاصبري,” which means “Tomorrow is the Day of Decision for Both Teams, so Be Patient.” As a result, Alfabean secured the second position, surpassing 78 other participants.

“This achievement is filled with meaning and experience. It also teaches us that holidays are not the end of the struggle to relax and be lazy but rather the right time to apply the knowledge we have gained from our teachers,” said the student from Lampung.

Alfabean became the only student representative from a university in Eastern Indonesia. This was revealed in the statement by Prof. Dr. Uril Baharuddin, M.A. (Chairman of IMLA) during the event.