STIBA Makassar’s Inaugural Lecture Focuses on Student Character Education

( Makassar – One day after bidding farewell to the alumni as they embark on their respective missions in their regions, the School of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language (STIBA) Makassar began a new chapter of lectures with the Inaugural Lecture on Monday, August 28, 2023. The event, attended by all students, including new students, […]

The Treatise of a Believer Fighter: Message from Ustaz Zaitun Rasmin in an Academic Oration at STIBA Makassar

( Makassar – The Chairman of the Central Board of Wahdah Islamiyah Dr. K.H. Muhammad Zaitun Rasmin, M.A. delivered a speech and an academic oration at the 6th STIBA Makassar Graduation Ceremony on Sunday (August 20, 2023). Ustaz Zaitun expressed his gratitude to those who have contributed to the development of STIBA Makassar. In his […]

Orientation Program Kicks Off the Academic Journey and Da’wah for New Students at STIBA Makassar 2023

( Makassar – Hundreds of new students at STIBA Makassar participated in the New Student Orientation Program as part of the New Student Admission program. This event is expected to be the initial step in introducing STIBA Makassar to new students and helping them adapt to the campus and its surroundings. During the event, the […]

STIBA Makassar Holds 6th Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Ceremony on Campus

( Makassar – Joy mixed with emotions filled the Aula Gedung Aisyah at STIBA Makassar Campus on Sunday, August 20, 2023, during the graduation ceremony where 261 alumni celebrated their achievements. The 6th Bachelor’s Degree Graduation was held on campus, a decision that returned this historical moment to the roots where the students’ educational journey […]

Secretary of Kopertais Region VIII: STIBA Makassar is One of the Healthiest Higher Education Institutions in Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua

( Makassar – The warm atmosphere at the 6th Graduation Ceremony of STIBA Makassar was heightened by the address from the Secretary of Kopertais Region VIII, Dr. K.H. Nur Taufiq Sanusi Baco, M.Ag. In his speech, Kiai Nur Taufiq expressed his appreciation for the excellence of STIBA Makassar and provided an inspiring perspective for the […]

STIBA Makassar Explores Insights on Turats Texts and Student Character Development During Visits to Two Educational Institutions

( Karanganyar – On the third day of their Study Tour, the STIBA Makassar delegation began their activities at 06:00 AM in Karanganyar, Central Java, and continued until the evening in Yogyakarta. Led by the Chairman of STIBA, the delegation’s first visit was to Ma’had Salman al-Farisi II. The visit was received by Syekh Dr. […]

Strengthening the Management of Islamic Economics and Sharia Law Program and Quality Assurance, STIBA Conducts Benchmarking at UMS

( Surakarta – The Islamic Economics and Sharia Law Program is the newest program at STIBA Makassar and therefore lacks adequate experience in its management. This is the reason behind the benchmarking visit to the Islamic Economics and Sharia Law Program (HES) at Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS). The delegation arrived at UMS at 1:30 […]

STIBA Makassar Goes on a Study Visit to Java, STDI Imam Shafi’i and Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School are the First Destinations

( Surabaya – The School of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language (STIBA) Makassar sent 27 officials on a study visit to Java, starting from East Java, Central Java, West Java, and ending in DKI Jakarta. The departure of the delegation took place on Sunday, July 30, 2023. The Study Visit Delegation consists of the Chairman […]

Just in One Day, STIBA Makassar’s Qurban Committee Sacrifices and Distributes 29 Cows and 46 Goats

( Makassar – The trust of the Muslim community in the STIBA Makassar Qurban Committee continues to grow. This is evident from the increasing number of sacrificial donors who entrust the management of their qurban animals to STIBA Makassar. This Eid al-Adha year (1444 H/2023 M), the Qurban Committee successfully distributed 29 cows and 46 […]