STIBA Sacrificed 22 Cows and 54 Goats

( Makassar – The Covid-19 pandemic, which is still overshadowing some areas in the country, has apparently not dampened the enthusiasm of the Muslims to perform the sacrifice ritual. At the campus of STIBA Makassar, 22 cows and 54 goats were sacrificed and distributed to the mustahiks. Apart from being distributed to 202 sacrifice donors, […]

STIBA Mapala Volunteer Team Joined the Cleaning of the Grand Mosque of Syuhada 45 Masamba

( Makassar – On the fourth day, the STIBA Makassar Mapala volunteers continued their humanitarian activities at the Masamba disaster location, North Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi. On Saturday (18/07), the Mapala team, together with several humanitarian teams, participated in the process of cleaning the Grand Mosque of Syuhada 45 in Masamba City. This mosque was […]

STIBA Makassar Held the XXII Working Meeting

( Makassar – STIBA Makassar held the XXII Working Meeting via Zoom on Tuesday-Friday (07-10 / 07/2020). This event was attended by all departments and work units of STIBA Makassar. In order to implement the health protocol, the participants were placed in separate rooms. The deliberation began with the delivery of a discourse from the […]

First Lecture Postponed until September, STIBA Holds Online Pre-Lecture

( Makassar – STIBA has been carrying out online pre-college activities during the week. The pre-lectures were intended to fill the free time of those students who are still stuck in their respective regions due to the pandemic. As a Muslim, especially as a student of knowledge, time is an opportunity given by Allah; a […]

Held online, STIBA Makassar successfully performed Comprehensive and Mini-Thesis Exams

( Makassar – Successfully organizing three big agendas online, STIBA Makassar held other important events in the same way. Previously, STIBA has successfully conducted online lecture activities, final semester examinations, and new student admissions.

280 STIBA Students Joined Online Judicium

( Makassar – Following the comprehensive and mini-thesis examinations that took place online, STIBA Makassar audited 280 students online on Wednesday (01/06/2020). The 280 students consist of 150 male and 130 female students. The event began with remarks from the Deputy Chairperson of Academic Affairs, Ustadz Sofyan Nur, Lc., M.Ag., followed by a briefing from […]

Personnel Department Holds High Performance Leadership Workshop

( Makassar – The Personnel Department, which is under the coordination of the General Affairs of STIBA Makassar, held a High Performance Leadership Workshop on Tuesday (18/08) and Thursday (20/08). The event, which held online, was attended by the Chairman of STIBA and the deputies along with the heads of divisions and centers. High Performance […]