Sending Its Students to Participate in the Community Service Program (KKN), STIBA Makassar’s Chairman Provided Four Advice

( Makassar – Hundreds of STIBA Makassar students departed to their respective locations for the KKN program this morning, Thursday (02/02/2023). The day before, the Chairman of STIBA Makassar, Ustaz Akhmad Hanafi Dain Yunta, Lc., M.A., Ph.D., officially released them in a ceremony held at Anas bin Malik Mosque. On that occasion, the chairman of […]

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This Year, 218 Students are Ready to Participate in the Community Service Program (KKN) in Three Districts

( Makassar –  STIBA Makassar will send its students to participate in the program, and this year it will focus on 218 students in three districts. Of the 218 students, 104 will be placed in nine villages in the Tombolopao district of Gowa Regency, seven villages in the Tinggimoncong district of Gowa Regency, and five […]

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Need for Sincerity, Chairman of STIBA Tells Participants of Inaugural Lecture: Seeking Knowledge is Our Jihad

( Makassar – After the odd semester vacation, STIBA Makassar has started its lecture activities again. The inaugural lecture became the initial momentum for teaching and learning activities in this year’s even semester. Head of STIBA Makassar Akhmad Hanafi Dain Yunta, Lc., M.A., Ph.D. became the first speaker in the inaugural lecture which was held […]

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Issuance of Operating Permit, Shariah Economic Law Study Program Becomes Third Program at STIBA Makassar

( Makassar – The number of study programs at STIBA Makassar has increased by one more. After the issuance of the Decree regarding the permit to administer the Sharia Economy Law (HES)/Mu’amalah Study Program , STIBA now has three study programs. This is good news especially for graduates of the Language Preparation Program (I’dad Lughawi) […]

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Parenting Expert Discussing Tips on Building Children’s Awareness in Students’ Parents Gathering of STIBA Makassar

( Makassar – STIBA Makassar’s Public Relations Department has once again established friendly relations with parents of STIBA Makassar students in the Students’ Parents Gathering. The recitation entitled Building Children’s Awareness was conducted online via Zoom Meeting and STIBA TV YouTube Channel, Sunday (18/12/2022). This activity presented a speaker who has concern, concern, and concerns […]

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The Council of Mosque Activities (DKM) Anas Bin Malik Will Hold an International Webinar on Waqf Presenting Imam Shamsi Ali as Keynote Speaker

( Makassar – The board of DKM Anas bin Malik who was recently inaugurated will hold an International Webinar on Waqf. The activity themed “What Happens with Waqf” will examine more deeply the law of waqf and the lessons learned from the waqf of Uthman bin Affan radhiyallahu ‘anhu. According to the Head of DKM […]

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Collaboration between STIBA Makassar and USIM Malaysia Holds International Webinar on Hadith Science

( Makassar – STIBA Makassar collaborating with USIM Malaysia’s Faculty of Quran and Sunnah Studies held an International Webinar on Hadith Sciences, Thursday (20/10/2022). This event was held online via Zoom Cloud Meeting. Dr. Muhammad Fawwaz, a lecturer in Hadith Science at the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM), was the first guest speaker. He […]

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Visiting STIBA Makassar, Prof. Syamsuddin Arif Discusses Orientalism and Diabolism of Thought

( Makassar – Head of STIBA Makassar Ustaz Dr. Akhmad Hanafi Dain Yunta, Lc., M.A. expressed his contentment at the arrival of an expert in orientalism, Prof. Syamsuddin Arif, M.A., Ph.D. He is an academic who has completed two doctoral study programs. He is also a polyglot (a person who can speak many languages). Among […]

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Head of STIBA Makassar: The Bigger The Dream The Bigger The Challenges Faced

( Makassar – Ustaz Akhmad Hanafi Dain Yunta, Lc., M.A., Ph.D. said that solidity and collaboration were needed at the STIBA Makassar institution. It is intended that work units can strengthen each other. “The work carried out by certain units must get support from other units so that when we achieve success, it becomes a […]

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Attending the Government of India’s Invitation, the Founder of STIBA Makassar Conveys the Key to the Harmony of Indonesian Society amid Diversity

One of the founding figures of STIBA Makassar, Ustaz Dr. K.H. Muhammad Zaitun Rasmin, Lc., M.A. was honored as a guest of the Indian government. Ustaz Zaitun and several other religious figures accompanied the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Prof. Mohammad Mahfud MD. who received an invitation from India’s National Security Adviser, […]