(STIBA.ac.id) Makassar – The Student Affairs Institute of STIBA Makassar held the Grand Opening of Muktamar, combined with a Student Seminar focusing on the theme “The Existence of Student Organizations in the 5.0 Era,” on Saturday (11/11/2023).

The event was attended by A.M. Iqbal Parewangi as the keynote speaker, and several speakers such as Abdul Qadir, S.T. (Chairman of the Youth Development Department of DPP WI), Muhammad Ammar Naufal M.Ed., Ph.D. (Lecturer at Universitas Negeri Makassar), and Syandri, Lc., M.A. (Lecturer at the School of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language Makassar).

The opening ceremony was enlivened by the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ahmad and Kamil, followed by a speech from the Chairman of Dema STIBA Makassar, Dimas Fajar Ramadhan.

The Chairman of STIBA Makassar, Akhmad Hanafi Lc., M.A., Ph.D., emphasized the importance of student organizations as a forum to explore student aspirations. He emphasized the role of this organization in training the leadership spirit of students so that when sent to society, students already have the skills or abilities to lead and manage the community.

“We hope that our student organizations will be of interest to our students, not the other way around,” he added while officially opening the event.

Keynote speaker, A.M. Iqbal Parewangi, highlighted the role of Muktamar as a catalyst for change. He stressed that a successful Muktamar is one that can bring about positive change.

“Muktamar must bring about change. If a Muktamar does not bring about change, it cannot be called Muktamar, but destruction or regression,” he said.

This Student Seminar presented three interesting discussions, namely “The Role of Da’wah of the Young Generation in the 5.0 Era” presented by Ustaz Abdul Qadir, S.T., “Opportunities for Student Organizations in Facing the Free Campus Curriculum” by Muhammad Ammar Naufal M.Ed., Ph.D., and “Effective and Efficient Coaching Model for Student Organizations in the 5.0 Era” by Syandri, Lc., M.A.

Reporter: Muh. Ibnul Mubarak