(STIBA.ac.id) Makassar – Dr. Muhammad Harsya Bachtiar, a lecturer at STIBA Makassar and dai of Wahdah Islamiyah, recently earned his doctoral degree after successfully defending his dissertation in the Doctoral Program with a concentration in Islamic Economics at Alauddin State Islamic University Makassar (UINAM).

The doctoral defense took place at the Faculty of Education and Teaching Building on Friday, December 15, 2023. Ustaz Harsya successfully defended his dissertation titled “The Use of the Flip Application in Fliptech Transactions from the Perspective of Islamic Economics: A Study of Flip Users in Wahdah Islamiyah.”

The defense was led by Prof. Dr. H. Abustani Ilyas, with the examination committee consisting of, among others, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Kadir, Prof. Dr. H. Nasir Hamzah, Dr. Siradjuddin, Dr. Amiruddin, Prof. Dr. H. Muslimin Kara, Prof. Dr. H. Hamid Habbe, and Dr. H. Abdul Wahid Haddade.

In his dissertation, Ustaz Harsya discussed research on the Flip financial application, focusing on three main service products: inter-bank transfers, mobile credit purchases, and E-Wallet top-ups. The results of his research indicated that Wahdah Islamiyah members using the application affirmed that all services offered by Flip were in line with the principles of Islamic economics.

Ustaz Harsya presented his dissertation eloquently and received high praise from the examiners. After answering a series of questions posed by the examination committee, Ustaz Harsya Bachtiar was officially conferred the title of Doctor with a concentration in Islamic Economics, achieving a grade of “very satisfactory.”

With this achievement, Dr. Muhammad Harsya Bachtiar becomes the 16th doctorate holder at STIBA Makassar and the 1143rd produced by the Islamic Studies Program at Alauddin State Islamic University Makassar.